Jolijt and Jacob say, “we focused on creating a culture where everyone was aligned that we were going to sacrifice everything for the customer experience period. End of discussion…We even barred conversations about competitors in company discussions. Because if we weren’t talking about whether or not it makes a customer’s life better, then it shouldn’t be in the discussion. It’s about what we can do for our customers.”

Today we interview Jolijt Tamanaha, Co-founder and VP of Growth and Jacob Goodman, Co-founder and VP of Sales, at Fresh Prints. Fresh Prints provides custom apparel and promotional products to Student Groups, Greek Organizations, University Administrations, Intramural Teams, and Individuals. They also have a division that works with corporations.

We cover a lot of topics from sacrifice, building a culture, the entrepreneurial mindset, growing a business, operating as if you’re never going to raise funding, hiring missionaries, and creating a great customer experience.

* Why they’re grateful for the employees and teams’ dedication to the business
* Why they run as a meritocracy
* The origins of the brand
* Entrepreneurship and the search for the perfect business
* The Four things they focused on when growing the business
* Why they’re obsessed with customer experience and not raising money
* How their business is powered by campaign managers
* How training and support are their biggest challenges
* Their two sets of customers: collegiate customers and businesses
* What’s next for Fresh Prints
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela, Jolijt Tamanaha and Jacob Goodman as we break down the inside story of Fresh Prints on The Story of a Brand.

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