Saskia says, “we make everything from toddler snacks to preschool snacks and adult snacks, and each of them is seasoned with herbs and spices that you typically find in Latin American kitchens. So our goal really is to innovate in a space where you traditionally find either really sweet or really salty products, or run of the mill flavors like barbecue, ranch and Cheddar. Instead, we’re coming in with something unique that is just not offered today.”

Today, we interview Saskia Sorrosa, Founder & CEO of Fresh Bellies. Fresh Bellies is creating a new generation of healthful, adventurous eaters. Made with whole, non-GMO and Kosher ingredients, Fresh Bellies products never mask vegetables or fruits with added sugars and feature flavors never seen in the kid aisle.

We discuss:

* What she’s grateful for
* Overview and origin of the brand
* Her background working with the NBA and her motivations for starting Fresh Bellies
* How they develop recipes and make the snack at scale
* Her biggest challenges in building the brand
* The brand’s recipe philosophy and her focus on clean simple ingredients
* Why parents are seeking alternatives to what is in the snack isle
* The future of the brand and upcoming new products and more…

Join Ramon Vela and Saskia Sorrosa as we break down the inside story of Fresh Bellies on The Story of a Brand.

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