Andrew says, “when I say that 19 out of 20 people can go to Australia or Tokyo or Europe and sleep well their first night, that’s totally different from what’s happening in the market. We want to deliver that level of effectiveness to people. And the way we do that is this unique model that’s a hybrid of high-end coaching, consulting and product development. And sure, it makes it more difficult, but I will do this right and I will this into existence no matter the market conditions, no matter what happens. Because this is my mission and I can’t not do it.”

Today, we interview Andrew Herr, Founder & CEO of Fount . Fount applies their expertise from optimizing the minds and bodies of US Navy Seals, professional sports teams, and leading business executives to design programs custom-tailored to anybody and any lifestyle so you can achieve your goals.

We discuss:

* What he’s grateful for
* Overview and origin of Fount
* His work running human performance for Navy Seals
* Conclusions for everyone based on his work with elite military units
* Understanding an individual’s peak state
* FlyKitt: their unique guaranteed to eliminate jet lag
* Why customization makes your results and performance go faster
* The Mission and why he will see it happen no matter what
* Advice for other entrepreneurs
* Advice on how to improve your sleep results
* How to use wearable technology effectively
* Meeting people where they are and more…

Join Ramon Vela and Andrew Herr as we break down the inside story of Fount on The Story of a Brand.

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