In the second part of this Feature, James Dodkin, VP of Marketing of FORLOH, which stands for “For Love of Hunting.” FORLOH is a premium hunting apparel brand that utilizes the latest technology to give its customers the best hunting experience possible.

Dodkin mentions the numerous amounts of technology that goes into creating FORLOH.
For example, the technology that comes from “the automotive industry” like GM for their resistant knee pads or how the “Tri-Star certified NASA technology” inspires the fabric’s complex insulation system.
In Part 1, James delves into the details of FORLOH; Discussing tech and how it impacts the product; Using the “Outdoor Perspective” when designing; The importance of researching for your market; Talking about brand perspective; The future of FORLOH and the future of hunters.

 ; and more.

Join us while Ramon Vela interviews James for The Story of a Brand, and listen to them share the inside story.For more on Forloh, visit:

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