When starting a new brand, entrepreneurs need to trust their vision – particularly when working closely with partners, say Flourish Plant Co-founders Kate Ferguson and Lila Sullivan.

Kate and Lila were friends in high school who reconnected after college. The idea of forming a business together was soon floated.

“We want what’s best for the business, and we’re going to treat each other with kindness and compassion as we get there, but always trust that our instincts are the right ones,” Lila says. “That’s when you know that you found the right business partner and the right idea to chase.”

Learning your partner’s strengths is also critical, Kate says.

“I think a piece of advice is to recognize the strengths in your business partner and show them deference or rely on them when you know it’s a strength of theirs,” she says. “We both have our intuitions, we both have our own gut feelings, and two of us are running this business. But there are times when our guts might tell us different things. But when it’s something that I’ve trusted Lila with, I’m going to go with her gut instinct and not my own.”

In Part 2, Kate and Lila talk about:

* Advice for fellow entrepreneurs.
* The history of the friendship between the two partners.
* How they dealt with investors who didn’t believe in the plan.
* Learning each other’s strengths.
* Trusting intuition.
* Plant recommendations for newbies.
* How to determine a plant’s health.
* A tour of the brand’s website.
* A sneak peek at a new product just launched.
* Where to find the products.

Join Ramon Vela, Kate Ferguson, and Lila Sullivan as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Flourish Plant, visit: https://flourishplant.com/

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