As consumers, we want to purchase a product that not only is good but does good as well. With Farmhouse Fresh, their product does just that.

Homegrown on their farm in McKinney, Texas, Shannon and Delia provide organic herbs that go into their skincare products.

From hydrating face masks to body skincare to hand sanitizers, FarmHouse Fresh provides quality products that’ll never dry out your skin. As Shannon and Delia mention in the episode, “we grow, so your skin glows.”

Tune in today as Ramon Vela sits down with CEO Shannon McLinden and her VP of sales, Delia McLinden, to talk about how they started their “farm to treatment” skincare line.

In part 1, Shannon and Delia discuss Their mutual support of each other; The Hundred-foot overview of Farmhouse Fresh Skincare; Shannon’s journey to starting the brand; How Shannon and Delia went into business together; Building the farm/sanctuary; Solving an issue through your brand; and much more.

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