There is so much unknown about the female body – particularly how disease manifests itself in the female body, says Priyanka Jain, co-founder of CEO of Evvy. That’s why her brand is focused on discovering and leveraging “biomarkers” to better understand the science of female health.

“Unfortunately for most of history, we only studied middle-aged, mid-sized white men, and we assumed that women were small men,” Priyanka says. “(It) turns out there is more to the story, and our goal at Evvy is to find out what those other stories are.”

In 2020, women, were diagnosed four years later than men across 770 diseases. That’s partly because most of the metrics are based on middle-aged, mid-sized men. Priyanka hopes Evvy can be part of the solution that changes those percentages.

She mentions that the vaginal microbiome is the cause of common conditions in women’s health, including yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and bacterial vaginosis.

To begin the journey to better health awareness, Evvy offers vaginal health tests that can be used at home. The patient uses a cotton swab and then sends back to a lab for testing. That’s the start of the educational experience, Priyanka says.

In Part 1, Priyanka talks about:

* Gratitude for the support and encouragement from her co-founder Laine Bruzek.
* The continued challenges facing female health care.
* Her lifelong passion for making life better for women, whether in health care, education, leadership programs, and more.
* Helping to solve the problem starts with giving people with vaginas access to information on their bodies.
* Explaining the importance of the vaginal microbiome.
* Why throwing a “bomb” of antibiotics at common vaginal issues isn’t the right medical solution.

Join Ramon Vela and Priyanka Jain as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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