It all started with Marcy’s 30th birthday. While she was still recovering from her kayaking accident, she experienced the miraculous benefits of using CBD, which one of her close relatives gifted on her birthday.

After that, she spent a lot of time educating herself and other women about the benefits of CBD. However, one sentiment she heard over and over again stayed with her. Women would tell her that “they had run out of options in their health and recovery, and they were frustrated.”

Coco Meers, CEO and Co-founder, and Marcy Capron-Vermillion, CPO and Co-founder of Equilibria, share their journey in building a brand to empower women and help them achieve their wellness goals with CBD.

Their mission, to restore balance in the lives of women.

In Part 1, we talk about: Broad Overview of the brand; How they got the idea to start their own brand; How Equilibria is different from other brands; How they personalize every service; The deep insights from their quality control process.

Join Ramon Vela, Coco, and Marcy as they breakdown the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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