“To build a community and not just be a product company” that’s a goal for Element Apothec. In the second part of this feature, Davina Kaonohi, CEO and Co-Founder of Element Apothec, continues speaking about the products that make people’s lives better.

Davina mentions that they will never use the fourteen hundred ingredients banned in Europe, Canada, and Japan as part of their product development process. The brand has quizzes, blogs, and has questions that Dr. Swathi for making educational videos to educate customers.

According to Davina, people are always looking for a community and alternative strategies & products to calm stress which Element Apothec provides. They aim at bringing their products from the kitchen to the world.

She talks about:

* Why CBD market
* Their product categories
* Verified and safe ingredients
* Answering consumer questions
* Investor programs at Element Apothec
* New products and launches
* Recommendation for anxiety

Join Ramon Vela and Davina Kaonohi as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Element Apothec, visit: https://elementapothec.com/

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