In the first part of this feature, we hear from Will and Robert Brunner, Devereux brothers and co-founders. Devereux is a modern direct-to-consumer golf apparel company that helps you save money without sacrificing quality.

Their father was a golfer, and the brothers grew up with respect for the sport. When they later decided to get into the apparel business, golfing was a clear choice.

Will and Robert had no previous experience launching an apparel brand, so there were many struggles in the beginning. They outline some of their tactics that they used to get started.

Since they didn’t have previous experience, they had a great ability to adapt and grow as the industry shifted.

In Part 1, we hear about the struggles of starting a business, building a network, and searching for the right people.

Join Ramon Vela, Will, and Robert as they discuss Devereux on The Story of a Brand.

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