If you’re going to make mistakes, you better learn from them, says Mathieu Mireault, co-founder and marketing director of Dermadry, a brand that sells a tap water iontophoresis device designed for home treatment.

“Make sure that you’re ready for some hardship because the hardships are there as an entrepreneur,” Mathieu says. “But you need those hardships to become a better person, become a better entrepreneur, and learn.”

One of the keys to success for Dermadry was getting doctors on board to help reduce any perceived risks.

“People who want to buy an iontophoresis machine have probably never heard of it – the concept of putting your hands, feet, or underarms near water and electricity in most cases sounds completely crazy,” he says. “So we needed to have doctors say, ‘You know what? Not only is it not crazy, but it’s very, very effective.’ ”

To that end, making the interaction with the customer as productive and straightforward as possible is also critical. That includes 24/7 customer support.

Ultimately, in the future, Dermadry would like people to think of their device as competition to deodorants. That means becoming more mainstream.

“We would love to be a household item because everybody would need to have there is always these moments where even though you don’t have excessive sweating, you have a big conference, you had a big date, and you would like not to sweat during those moments,” he says.

In Part 2, Mathieu talks about:

* Advice for other entrepreneurs creating a new brand.
* The inevitability of hardships and the need to learn from them.
* The brand’s marketing mission is to reduce perceived risk.
* How the interaction with a customer works.
* The brand’s future goal is to become a household item.
* The difference between the brand’s three products.

Join Ramon Vela and Mathieu Mireault as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Dermadry, visit: https://dermadry.com/

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