“Help people explore what’s underneath those initial feelings,” that’s what Coa’s self-awareness classes do. In part 2, Alexa Meyer, Co-Founder of Coa, says that they help people understand their own biases and the origin of those biases.

Alexa graduated in psychology and business and consumer behavior. She was fascinated by mental health and therapy from a young age. Before Coa, she and her co-founder Emily started mental health pop-ups gyms across the country.

After the pop-ups’ success, they launched Coa. Coa is a brand that believes having good relationships with others can help heal the mind. The brand also partners with employers who want to look after their employees’ mental health.

She discusses:

* Definition of self-awareness
* Why did she enter the mental health space
* Imposter syndrome and lack of confidence
* Coa’s course offerings
* What makes therapy effective
* Employers utilizing Coa

Join Ramon Vela and Alexa Meyer as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Coa, visit: https://www.joincoa.com/ 

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