“We’ve got a can with the plan.” In part 1 of this Feature, we have Wes Hurt, Founder of Clean Cause, a beverage company based in Austin, Texas.

Wes started drinking and drugging 20 years ago and has been to 6 rehabs, psych wards and has nearly died. From being homeless to starting a cupcake business and recovering from his addiction, he shares his road of recovery in this episode.

He also shares how his life experience was the catalyst for starting his brand Clean Cause, which gives 50% of profits to support individuals recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Wes talks about:

* The support he received in the early days of the brand
* Overview of the brand
* What led him to start the brand
* His road to recovery
* The story of the brand’s name
* Launching the brand
* Struggle with authenticity
* The ability to stay calm

Join Ramon Vela and Wes Hurt as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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For more on Clean Cause, visit: https://cleancause.com/

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