Luke Anderson, Co-founder of CANN, believes people are falling out of love with alcohol. That’s why he’s touting a TCH beverage that provides a bit of the buzz without the hangover.

CANN is an alcohol substitute with a micro-dose of the active cannabinoid that provides a safer high, Luke says.

“Overall, if you incorporate it into your lifestyle, either as a full-scale alcohol substitute or a way to displace unwanted alcohol consumption, it is easier to exist and have a healthy relationship with alcohol or enjoy this idea of taking the edge off socially without as much guilt and as many harmful effects,” he says.

Luke says consumer feedback on the beverage has been largely positive, but the beverage still faces hurdles because federal regulations make it challenging to buy. The price point – $4 a drink – also holds some potential customers back.

The customer base is cross-generational and gender-neutral, Luke says. It’s a beverage for people who want to drink less alcohol.

Luke says the brand had hoped that federal legalization of the cannabinoid would have happened during President Biden’s administration but realizes that other more urgent priorities have emerged and could delay that for several more years.

“We’re figuring out how in an unpredictable regulatory timeline do we continue to grow and continue to be the No. 1 beverage,” he says. “I’m still incredibly bullish on what we’re doing. And I think that our company is just as valuable as ever, if not more so, because of our ability to execute in ways that other people won’t be able to and the ability for us to get resources that other people won’t be able to find.”

In Part 1, Luke talks about:

* Gratitude to his mom for her unwavering support.
* An overview of the brand.
* Feedback from consumers.
* The difficulties in distributing the beverage.
* A closer look at the customer base.
* Navigating federal regulatory timelines.

Join Ramon Vela and Luke Anderson as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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