“Having the self-awareness of what you’re good at” is a Trevor Crotts belief. Trevor, the CEO, and Founder of Buddy Brands continues the conversation, in part 2 of this feature, by focusing on the idea of the Unique Selling Proposition, which is about reaching out to the audience and learning what they want.

He mentions that due to gigantic companies, low cost is a challenge for startups. That’s why they should focus on other spots where victory is possible. He tells about his agency called Compel Commerce agency and how a good team can help manage many things simultaneously. Furthermore, he suggests that it will give you the freedom to do more if you can work and scale your business.

In the second half, we talked about:

* His tips and advice for entrepreneurs
* What are the challenges with USP
* How to test USP
* Why Low cost is a challenge
* How he manages his agency & his brands
* How they help other companies
* Their credibility standpoint
* Do they understand the expectations

Join Ramon Vela and Trevor Crotts as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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