Tyler says, “We are pasture raised. So our chickens are out on our pastures with movable hoops with free access to the outside. They get to run out in the sun. They get to eat grass and dig bugs… their pituitary glands are right, their vitamin D levels are right. We are raising chickens the way they are meant to be raised; the way their genetics and instincts are set up. And so that quality of life translates into the quality of the chicken.”

Today, we interview Tyler Dawley, Head Chicken Wrangler at Big Bluff Ranch. Big Bluff Ranch is dedicated to regenerative agriculture and farming practices. They raise healthy organic chicken and help protect, preserve, improve, and sustain the land for future generations.

We discussed:

* What he’s grateful for: finding his life’s calling
* How Big Bluff Ranch grabs your soul and is like a spiritual connection to the land
* The origin of the ranch, including how his parents met (this is a great story!)
* How listeners can experience a digital detox and beautiful lake at his ranch
* What is pasture raised chickens and why it’s how chickens are supposed to be raised
* Why they take land stewardship, holistic management, and regenerative farming seriously
* Why “quality of life translates to the quality of the chicken?”
* Why there is a disconnect between consumers, food and the land
* Why your food dollars matter and why the food we eat affects the environment

Join Ramon Vela and Tyler Dawley as we break down the inside story of Big Bluff Ranch on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Big Bluff Ranch, visit: https://www.bigbluffranch.com/

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