Alix says, “I think we’re probably the only alcohol company that encourages people to do Dry January and not drink our product. We even have a system in place where people can pause their subscription if they’re taking a break. I would imagine for most alcohol product companies, this approach is highly unusual. But I believe that because of encouraging Dry January and the other things we discussed, we’ve been able to build a vast community of brand ambassadors.”

Today we interview Alix Peabody, Founder and CEO of Bev. Bev makes premium canned wine made from California grapes, with zero sugar, in 6 fizzy varieties. They are on a mission to empower women in business and beyond starting with their women-led team and wine “Made By Chicks”.

We discussed a lot of things today including:

* Alix’s gratefulness practice
* Her experience as a survivor of sexual assault
* Gratitude for the mentorship of an ex-boss
* Advice for women who have gone through a similar experience
* How they strive to turn social situations and gender dynamics in to a positive environment
* A brand that is unapologetically feminine
* Changing the industry from the inside and operating from a position of strength
* The origin story
* Throwing a party to pay for her medical expenses
* Why it was important that the wine be zero-sugar
* Having a brand before the company was born
* Why Bev is like taking the company’s vision and putting into a can
* Rundown of “Old Dude” campaign
* How they partner with LGBTQ youth organization, Way Out
* Review of Bev flavors
* First Federally approved zero-sugar canned wine
* Their National Bar Safety program
* The challenge of being a growing female-led company in a male dominated industry
* What the younger Alix would tell her older self
* Advice for other entrepreneurs
* How she got turned down 386 times

Join Ramon Vela and Alix Peabody as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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