Challenges, road bumps, and opportunities are just part of owning a business, but if you have a desire and vision, you’ll make it through, says Michele Revivo, founder of Spudniks and Better Snack Better You.

“You don’t need to sweat the small stuff because if things don’t happen, ultimately it’s for the best,” she says. “Just look at opportunities, take whatever opportunity, give it your 100 percent all, give it your 100 percent effort with anything you do. But if it doesn’t work out. Be happy with it and know that it’s for the best and move on.”

The COVID pandemic sparked one such opportunity. Michele wanted to create a snack that was high in Vitamin D, which is known for boosting the immune system. She trademarked Better Snack Better You as the vehicle for this high-nutrient brand.

Likewise, Michele has a similar passion for Spudniks – her snack brand before beginning Better Snack Better You. The idea was to create a snack that could create memories for a family.

“It’s building memories while you’re enjoying Sputnik’s – it’s building memories with your family and friends while enjoying your snacks,” Michele says. “Everybody loves to snack. We wanted to build a family brand that resonates with everyone.”

Likewise, her words of wisdom for fellow entrepreneurs are also family-based.

“Life is all about balance,” she says. “Don’t be focused on one thing so much.”

In Part 2, Michele talks about:

* Her advice for fellow entrepreneurs when facing challenges and opportunities.
* How the COVID pandemic sparked the idea to great a snack that had nutrients to help the body’s immune system.
* A rundown of the ingredients and nutrients in the Better Snack Better You products.
* The reaction her kids have to the new snacks.
* Her work with the Comfort Bears charity.
* Why building memories is an essential goal with Spudniks.
* The importance of work-life balance.

Join Ramon Vela and Michele Revivo as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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