Popcorn and kettle chips might seem like familiar snack items, but how Spudniks and Better Snack Better You approach them makes a difference, says Michele Revivo, founder of the two brands.

“They obviously both have the popcorn and kettle chips product, but they are very different,” Michele says. “Building memories with your family is what Spudniks is all about. … Better Snack Better You was my dream about two and a half years ago. I wanted to create a better for you snack line for my children because we are kosher and Better Snack Better You is a high nutrient functional snack line.”

Michele and her husband’s journey into the snack world took some unlikely turns. The couple began in the vending business before adding snack catering to their services. They found almost immediate success selling kettle chips that are warmed and seasoned fresh at each event and kiosk.

When her husband decided to begin practicing the Jewish Sabbath, they had to change their business model because that involved eschewing work on a Saturday – typically the busiest day of the work for their business. They shifted away from retail into manufacturing – a space where they could better control the hours they worked.

“We put it in God’s hands,” Michele says. “Essentially, whatever was going to happen with our path or career path at that point was going to happen. And we ultimately knew it was going to be for the best.”

In Part 1, Michele talks about:

* Gratitude for her husband for being her life partner and business partner for 19 years.
* The difference between the Spudniks and Better Snacks Better You products.
* The journey of growing from an events company into a snack food manufacturing company.
* Why the risks didn’t feel as much as a leap of faith, but rather as their destiny.

Join Ramon Vela and Michele Revivo as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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