Consumers want to be in the driver’s seat of their health. That’s the goal of Base, a brand that offers blood testing, creates nutrition and lifestyle plans, and even creates weekly grocery lists for its customers, says Lola Priego, Founder and CEO.

“There’s a really powerful technology that is helping connect people, but then when you look at health and wellness, where is all of that personal personalization?” Lola says.

Base doesn’t sell nutritional supplements. Instead, it offers recommendations for the top-ranked items. Because Base is integrated with Amazon, they don’t make revenue from that transaction, Lola says.

Lola says the vision for Base came from her personal experience at age 27 when she was experiencing chronic fatigue and brain fog while working as an engineer at Instagram. Because she had a year of medical school under her belt, she asked her doctor to run specific blood tests to see if she could get to the bottom of the problem. The tests revealed she had a severe deficiency in Vitamin B12 and folate.

Ultimately, she developed a nutritional and lifestyle plan to fix those levels. Lola would eventually quit her engineering job to pursue a startup with a medical device company, which gave her a good look at how labs work.

“Pushing lab technology forward in a medical device forward was not solving or bridging that gap that I was seeing between science and consumers,” she says. “After realizing that, that’s when I went on to found Base.”

In Part 1, Lola talks about:

* Gratitude for an acquisition offer she got this week, which showed that others appreciate how she sees the industry and her mission.
* An overview of how Base was conceived.
* Why Base doesn’t sell health supplements but only recommends them.
* How her health problems gave her the vision for Base.
* The experience she gained at a medical device startup.

Join Ramon Vela and Lola Priego as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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