Jordan says, “My goal is to be evergreen. We use evidence backed research when we’re doing any of our formulations. So we can offer someone a medical grade experience, kind of in-office consult, from the comfort of their own couch.”

Today, we interview Jordan Harper, Found, CEO, and Nurse Practitioner of Barefaced.

Barefaced® is a direct to consumer skincare brand dedicated to building relationships, confidence, and knowledge through healthy, beautiful skin. Offering only a rigorously curated collection of skincare products, Barefaced® is the home for those seeking the confidence and calm that comes with fresh, vibrant, healthy skin.

We discussed:

* What she’s grateful for
* Raising kids as an entrepreneur
* How to live a life of intention
* Overview of Barefaced and origin story
* Her experience of working with doctors, patients, and giving injections
* Why her primary mission is to educate
* Caution: there is no miracle one product that solves everything, so don’t get fooled
* Why other brands release so many products
* Ingredient and formulation philosophy; a breakdown of Barefaced products
* Where to start? Start with her blog.
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela and Jordan Harper as we break down the inside story of Barefaced on The Story of a Brand.

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