Pushing the boundaries of what we can offer to help people find peace – that’s the goal of Aura Health, says Co-Founder and CEO Steve Lee. In the second part, he mentions that every aspect of their application is personalized.

Aura Health is expanding its community, the type of content offered, working with musicians, ASMR artists, and even poets. They want to provide personalized coaching services too. Their primary focus is on direct to the consumer along with creating the best product possible.

Aura Health’s audience includes people from all walks of life, including people with very high-stress jobs such as lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc.

In part 2, Steve speaks on:

* Personalization of the app
* Providing push to people to create habits
* Plans for evolution
* Striving to create new experiences
* Popular topics at Aura Health
* Creating a bigger impact
* Plans for the commercial version
* Coaches specific to entrepreneurship
* Who are the ideal customers
* His advice
* His mother’s thoughts
* Response of people around him

Join Ramon Vela and Steve Lee as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Aura Health, visit: https://www.aurahealth.io/

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