Arthur says, “I think part of the entrepreneurial journey in our country is that everyone thinks it is so damn easy. The success stories we’ve read about. The billion dollar exits that are so far and few between. I think it’s disillusioning when they see that, because this is a blood, sweat and tears industry to build something.”

Today, we interview Arthur Gallego, CEO of Gallego & Co Marketing and a 2023 SKU Mentor. Arthur is the preeminent Food & Beverage marketing expert and has worked with clients such as OLIPOP, Health-Ade Kombucha, Vita Coco, Flow Spring Water, LifeAid, BulletProof 360, CANN, Hop WTR, Chomps, Vervet and more.

We discussed 3 major  topics: 1) Why an Accelerator?, 2) Entrepreneurial Psychology, and 3) What to look at Expo West 2023

* What is SKU?
* Difference between incubator and accelerator
* What Arthur likes about SKU
* The SKU 2023 Track
* SKU vetting process
* What makes a good accelerator?
* What the SKU process looks like?
* Entrepreneurship Psychology, including single mindedness, Shark Tank Affect and more
* How to become more emotionally aware as an entrepreneur
* Going to Expo West 2023
* Trends to look for at Expo West and in Food & Beverage
* And so much more…

Join Ramon Vela and Arthur Gallego as we break down the inside story of Gallego & Co Marketing and a 2023 SKU Mentor on The Story of a Brand.

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