Want some unusual advice? Dr. Sarah Rahal, founder and CEO of ARMRA, offers this: “Don’t believe everything you think about yourself.”

“I’d considered myself up to this point to be quite a risk-averse person,” says Sara, whose brand leverages the ancient superfood colostrum. “I’ve never done anything other than medicine. … (but) at the end of the day … I’m just a problem solver.”

Ultimately, Sarah says, she believes so much in her colostrum brand because she’s put so much of herself into it.

“I have so much integrity around the thought I put into the product because I was developing a product for myself,” she says. “I use the same product.”

The product itself is in powder form, and the serving size is only half a teaspoon.

“There is no such thing as taking too much, so at least one serving a day is needed because we live in the modern era,” she says. “We’re under constant assault from these environmental threats, so the barrier is almost always being damaged.”

The product is tasteless and can be added to any liquid that’s not hot. (A blood orange flavor is also available.)

An additional advantage of colostrum is that it can replace other dietary supplements. It replaces the need for other immune supplements and probiotics. It can also replace collagen, Sarah says.

In Part 2, Sarah talks about:

* Advice for other doctors/entrepreneurs wanting to start a brand.
* Why she has such a strong belief in her product.
* The story behind the brand name ARMRA.
* A closer look at the product and its recommended use.
* How colostrum works.
* What products can colostrum replace among dietary supplements.
* Where to buy the product.

Join Ramon Vela and Dr. Sarah Rahal as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on Armra, visit: https://tryarmra.com/

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