CBD products aren’t new, but a brand offering an FDA-registered version of the pain relief solution is, says Ed Donnelly, founder of AmourCBD.

“We are the only CBD company with the combination of lidocaine and CBD 200 milligrams of CBD. It is the Good Housekeeping seal of approval,” Ed says. “It gives people – the consumers – the comfort.”

AmourCBD uses its website and a PR effort to get the message out to educate customers on the differences in quality among CBD products.

“We just try to get the word out one user at a time -one publication at a time,” he says.

AmourCBD’s cream is the brand’s banner product, used for pain relief for sore elbows, sore hands, and sore backs. Other offerings include drops, gummies, and other delivery systems. They’re mainly used for anxiety. But to be clear, consumers can’t get high from CBD.

“If someone’s trying to use it recreationally, they’re barking up the wrong tree,” Ed says.

Other active ingredients in AmourCBD’s products are skincare soothers and lidocaine, which delivers the CBD to the intended destination.

In Part 1, Ed talks about:
* Gratitude for the continued health of his granddaughter, who’s had to endure two heart transplants.
* The difference between cheaper CBD products and AmourCBD products.
* What does FDA registration mean, and what is the difference between registration and FDA approval.
* How AmourCBD uses its website and a PR group to spread its message.
* An explanation of the brand’s products.

Join Ramon Vela and Ed Donnelly as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

For more on AmourCBD, visit: https://amourcbd.com/

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