As Mukurima Muriuki says, “as long as you have the willpower and then you get the opportunity, then you can always make your dreams come true.”

Farming is a noble profession, but unfortunately, many farmers who grow the coffee that we so much enjoy do not get fairly compensated. As Mukurima contends, this is really shameful in our society that the people who are feeding us are not getting enough simply because they don’t have enough power and opportunity in our society.

In today’s episode Mukurima Muriuki, Co-founder of African Coffee Club. African Coffee Club is a renowned coffee brand, ensuring that coffee farmers in Africa get their fair share of the profits. This brand’s focus isn’t ensuring optimal profits, instead, they are working to develop a system where the farmers can get fairly paid for their services.

In our interview, we discussed many topics:

  • Grateful to Country America, how this country is providing opportunity to immigrants, so that can pursue their dream.
  • How a single crop of coffee generates millions of revenue worldwide.
  • Why African Coffee Club brand was established?
  • History behind coffee production and how they striving to overcome the challenges rooted in norms and values of the society.
  • What happens in a traditional auction process and how African Coffee Club changed the system for farmer’s good
  • How people’s behavior and philosophy about coffee has changed over the years.
  • How buying African Coffee Club can directly help the farmers.
  • How every region of Africa produces coffee with different flavors.
  • How this brand helps the children of farmers in Africa find their future purpose in life.
  • The best products African Coffee Club
  • The meaning behind the name ‘Kenya’
  • The gift sets and how they contain coffees from 8 different regions
  • How you can choose coffees based on morning, afternoon or evening time.
  • The perks of being a subscriber
  • Future vision of the brand.
  • Message for women listeners

Join Ramon Vela and Mukurima Muriuki as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.

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