One of the mantras of Robin Wilson, chairman and founder of A Blue Egg Corporation, is asking people when they last washed their pillows.

With Blue Egg’s brands in the clean home product space, it’s a question that’s important to get across to customers, she says.

“They’re so embarrassed – the average answer was six years,” Robin says. “That’s drool dander. If you put oils on your hair and have a pet sleeping in your bed, anything you can imagine is on that dirty pillow that now weighs more than when you bought it.”

In 2015, she published a book on home health called “Clean Design: Wellness for Your Lifestyle.” Another book is in the works.

Robin’s company also has a social justice campaign called Project Lilac that supplies bed sheets to safe houses or shelters for victims of domestic violence.

“That’s just a simple gesture that can put someone on the road to believing in themselves again,” she says.

The company’s mission is to be an affordable luxury brand for the allergen-aware consumer.

“You don’t have to have allergies to get our product,” she says. “It’s something you can get, though, if you want to prevent and protect yourself because it’s woven at a 0.5 micron. So bedbugs and dust mites can’t penetrate through the fabric, so it’s almost like a tech play on sheets and sheeting.”

When sharing wisdom, Robin first cautions about how life advice is dispensed.

“I want to remind people that anyone who gives you advice, often it’s from their perspective,” she says. “You should take a piece from this and a piece from that and make it your piece. Make it your vision.”

What Robin hopes will happen soon is that we’ll emerge from the pandemic and get back to the basics of coming together as a community, especially when it comes to socializing with friends and mentors.

“Have people in your life who are connectors,” she says. “Those people get great joy from telling and talking to all their friends and saying, do you know about? Did you know about? And make sure there are a few people like that in your world because they will tell everybody what you’re doing and why it’s so great.”

In Part 2, Robin talks about:

* The importance of pillow health.
* The words of wisdom in her book.
* Her brand’s social justice campaign – Project Lilac.
* Where you can find Clean Design Home products.
* Why sleep is so vital to your health.
* The perils of taking just one person’s advice.
* The importance of socializing with connectors.

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